Vata Dominant Prakruti (Body Constitution)

Prakruti based prescription of diet and daily activities
Vata Prakruti You have a VATA dominant body constitution. That means ‘VATA’ is the dominant factor governing majority of your body functions & your make up of mind body and intellect.

This makes your
You have a personality of
  • Outward & Talkative type, eager to communicate with others.
  • Being anxious, unstable, unpredictable & sometimes confused.
  • Having natural liking of touring, traveling, marketing & field work. music, dance etc.
  • Having a liking towards learning new things.
  • You have a tendency to execute work rather than planning it.
  • You are very fond of music, dance, eating, shopping, going for a trip etc.
The drawbacks of your personality are
  • Your mind is overactive, restless & unstable hence sometimes you are not able to concentrate fully.
  • you are unable to co-ordinate your thoughts, responses and actions.
  • You respond over enthusiastically to situations.
  • You tend to over react in critical situations.
  • You often find it difficult to plan out and handle work in a prescribed manner instead you tend to do it in your own way.
  • You work too hard but the output is not in proportion of the efforts.
  • Your body has a tendency to fall ill frequently.
  • Your mind often tries to switch to other options after taking a decision.
  • You are sometimes very emotional & sensitive.
  • You mostly tend to act on impulse.
  • Your stress is mostly due to anxiety, worry & frustration.
  • You sometimes expect too much from yourself & others which may lead to disappointment and frustration.
The strengths of your personality are
  • You have a enthusiastic, vivacious & vibrant nature. which always keeps you going.
  • Your mind is always full of energy & your attitude is hilarious.
  • Your responses are quick & alert hence you can apprehend the situation very quickly.
  • You have an excellent ability to motivate others.
  • You have a very active & imaginative mind & are capable of creating new ideas & concepts spontaneously.
To minimize the drawbacks you should
  • Cultivate the habit of REGULARITY in your personality. Because irregularity is the biggest drawback of VATA PRAKRUTI PERSONS which affects their diet, daily activities, overall health and their behaviour.
  • Try to regularise your daily routine, habits & activities.
  • Take adequate rest. Due to your overactive mind, your enthusiasm turns into exhaustion hence it is essential to revive your energy periodically to keep you healthy & efficient.
  • Do regular oil massage.
  • Do meditation in order to minimise the unstability of thoughts.
To maintain your health you should
  • Protect yourself from cold & dry weather. Vata being a cold dosha, it aggravates due to cold & benefits from heat.
  • Avoid direct contact with moving air.
  • Avoid the use of air conditioners or keep them on low position.
  • Take care of yourself especially in RAINY SEASON because ‘Vata’ the dominant dosha in your Prakruti gets aggravated in rainy season.
  • Dip the tip of little finger in warm sesame oil & gently rub it into the nose & ears everyday.
  • keep the passages of your body moist and warm prevent their drying. because in vata prakruti persons the majority of diseases start with drying up of the passages. Apply a mixture of warm water & til oil regularly.
Dietary changes

Vata prakruti persons should eat

  • Warm, humid, nutritious, sweet & sour foods.
  • Fresh hot meals, prepared using optimum quantity of oil.
  • Regular use of pure ghee in meals is recommended.
  • Plenty of warm fluids e.g. warm soups with cream, butter, tomato soup, vegetable soups with tamarind, kokum, lemon & adding powders of dry ginger, little bit of black pepper are advised.
  • Puddings (khir) with dry fruits is recommended.
  • Pickles of different varieties taken in between the meals in small quantities is helpful to balance the aggravated vata dosha.
  • Dry, hot, spicy food substances, regular use of pulses, sprouts, green peas, foods prepared from chana dal etc.
  • Chiwda, farsan, misal etc.
  • Refrigerated, rewarmed, day old stale food, etc.
  • Ice creams, milkshakes, fruitsalads, refrigerated, ice-cold water, etc.
  • Bhaji, vada, misal, chole, etc.
Probable diseases

Vata prakruti persons are likely to suffer from a number of diseases owing to the dominance of VATA, and its tendency to get imbalanced easily. The likely diseases are.

  • Arthritis, & other diseases of the joint.
  • Spondylitis, & other diseases of the vertebrae.
  • Sciatica, frozen shoulder, muscular sprains, ligament injuries etc.
  • Constipation, flatulence, indigestion etc.

To prevent the occurrence of above mentioned diseases and for the overall maintenance of the body, Ayurveda has suggested a therapeutic procedure called as ‘BASTI’. This procedure which involves massage, steam bath and administration of medicated oils.