Pitta Dominant Prakruti (Body Constitution)

Prakruti based prescription of diet and daily activities
Pitta Prakruti You have a PITTA dominant body constitution. That means PITTA is the dominant factor-governing majority of your body functions & your make up of mind body and intellect.

This makes your
You have a personality of
  • Outspoken strict & disciplined type.
  • Being brave and aggressive.
  • Being intolerant of injustice, false behaviour that may or may not concern you.
  • Getting angry very easily but also forgetting quickly.
  • Having a perfectionist attitude.
  • You have a realistic and logical approach towards everything.
  • Your approach towards life is lively and full of vigour.
  • You are keen in observing rules & regulations strictly.
  • You have a natural liking towards perfumes, descent clothes and other luxuries.
The drawbacks of your personality are
  • You are too perfectionist & expect too much from your self and others, which often brings you disappointment and frustration.
  • You tend to criticize others very often and sometimes your speech becomes very harsh and curt.
  • You do not tolerate disagreement very easily.
  • Even though you might not always show it you become irritable or angry very quickly.
  • You tend to over react in critical situations and loose control over your emotions.
  • You often find it difficult to do physical work due to lower stress endurance.
  • Your stress is mostly due to irritability, impatience & frustration.
  • Due to your out spoken nature & curt speech you make enemies very easily.
The strengths of your personality are
  • You are extremely precise & orderly in your activities.
  • You like to be punctual.
  • You have a sharp intellect with a highly analytical and calculative mind.
  • This makes you capable to plan the work efficiently.
  • Your thoughts and actions are methodical.
  • You speak in a precise and articulate way.
  • You have a pure mind with realistic attitude & strong feelings.
To minimize the drawbacks you should
  • Take food at regular interval of 2 hours & before important meetings and discussions.
  • This will prevent the pitta going out of balance & thereby minimize your irritation and anger.
  • Taking bath, twice a day will help you to minimize the offensive odur of your body.
  • Try to communicate your feelings afterwards, instead of reacting immediately & sharply.
  • You have low physical endurance due to which you get exhausted very easily; it is essential to revive your energy periodically by way of rest and food to keep yourself healthy & efficient.
  • Wear ornaments prepared using pearls.
  • Use sober & faint coloured clothes and mild perfumes.
  • Do meditation in order to control your emotions especially anger.
To maintain your health you should
  • Not delay or skip your meals, on the contrary you should take meals four times a day.
    If you feel exhausted, irritated or unable to concentrate have a glass of milk or apiece of sweets.
    Avoid sunshine, direct heat, hot weather, and hot environment.
  • You should protect yourself from heat. Pitta being a hot dosha, it aggravates due to heat, hot foods, hot weather & benefits from coolness.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration due to excessive perspiration & to maintain the thermal setup of the body.
  • Use of air conditioners is recommended but keep them low and avoid immediate contact with outer environment to prevent sunstroke.
  • Take care of yourself especially AFTER RAINY SEASON because Pitta the dominant dosha in your Prakruti gets aggravated after rainy season in September & October.
  • Apply cool compress to the eyes with eyelids closed, back portion of the neck, & lower portion of the feet. This will help to pacify the heat, relive the stress & revive the energy. But avoid doing this immediately after coming from sunshine. First, you should allow the body to cool down and return to the normal temperature.
  • Control your feelings, keep your mind peaceful, calm and quiet.
  • Keep the passages of your body clean dry and cool.
Dietary changes

Pitta prakruti persons should eat

  • Cool, humid, nutritious, sweet & astringent foods.
  • Fresh meals prepared using optimum quantity of oil.
  • Regular use of pure ghee in meals is recommended.
  • Puddings (khir) with dry fruits are recommended.
  • Sweets of different varieties taken in the meals in small quantities are helpful to balance the aggravated pitta dosha.
  • Pickles made of Amla are recommended.
  • Daily use of Amla Murabba along with pure ghee helps to control the tendency of pitta to go out of balance.
  • Cold milk blended with cardamom is an excellent refreshing drink for pitta prakruti persons.
  • A glass of milk with a teaspoon of pure ghee is a morning drink recommended for pitta prakruti persons.
  • Dry, hot, spicy food substances.
  • Regular use of fermented foods like dhokla, Idli, dosa, bread etc.
  • Chiwda, farsan, misal, Chinese food, pavbhaji etc.
  • Refrigerated rewarmed, day old stale food, etc.
  • Bhaji, vada, missal, chole, etc.
  • Foods containing preservatives, artificial flavours, colours etc.
  • Sauces, vinegar, pickle chatani etc.
  • Non-vegetarian food.
  • Cheese, paneer, yogurt etc.
  • Excessive intake of salts & spices.
  • Alcoholic & other beverages.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, mosumbi, lemon etc.
Probable diseases

Pitta prakruti persons are likely to suffer from a number of diseases owing to the dominance of PITTA, and its tendency to get imbalanced easily. The likely diseases are

  • Hyper-acidity, Ulcers, Heart burn etc.
  • Allergies of all kinds.
  • Skin diseases, inflammations of different types etc.
  • Bleeding disorders, bleeding piles etc.
  • Hypertension and Ischaemic Heart diseases.
  • Anemia (especially in females), Jaundice & other liver disorders.
  • Burning sensation in urine, eyes, palms, feet etc.
  • Excessive bleeding during menses.

To prevent the occurrence of above mentioned diseases and for the overall maintenance of the body, Ayurveda has suggested a therapeutic procedure called as VIRECHANA. This procedure which involves massage, steam bath and administration of PURGATIVE medicine, is extremely beneficial for persons with pitta dominant body constitution. It is recommended especially AFTER rainy season, in which there is natural & seasonal aggravation of pitta.


This advice is a general advice. It is better to communicate personally for any specific complaint or disease.