My experience of Alopacia Areata

I am a male patient of about 40 years of Age. I had gone for a haircut and the barber attending me brought to my notice that I had a patch of baldness in my hair. I was shocked and worried. I tried the remedies that the barber suggested but in vain. I tried various oils and ointments and everything suggested by everyone. I was running from pillar to post to get relief but I didn’t get respite anywhere. I lost a lot of money and was worried about my future. I was suffering from this condition for many years and day by day the patch was becoming bigger. My GP told me that if I didn’t take care It will spread all over the scalp. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do and where to go?

I was referred by my friend to Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital in Nashik. I came to Ayushree Ayurvedic Hospital for the treatment of my condition and I met Dr Abhay Kulkarni. I was thoroughly examined for about an hour and Doctor told me that it is called Alopecia areata. Doctor also explained me the causes and severity of the disease. He also assured me that this condition was curable in Ayurveda. I was tremendously relieved by his assuring words. I was prescribed Panchakarma and medicines and I was advised to follow up in 15 days. Within 15 days hair follicles started growing on that patch and after 30 days this was the picture of my patch. Almost all areas of the patch was covered with hair follicles. My stress and my worry was gone and I was hopeful of cure.


Our remark

Thank you for your feedback Mr Rakesh Alopecia is a non serious condition which affects hair and the psyche of the patient. It is a difficult condition to cure for a physician, which bothers patients a lot and can be really severe and tremendously embarrassing.

It is called as Indralupta in Ayurveda and is a curable disease. We have experience of handling many cases of this disease and it usually gets cured in about 90 days of treatments depending on the severity and other co-existing conditions.

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